Websites are the New Storefronts

Alaine Anderson, Digital Strategist and Implementer at Joining Vision and Action 100% of the jobs I’ve had involved at least some interaction with an organization’s website. As a young person—a millennial, as [...]

So you’ve been wondering about B Corps.

Rebecca Shisler, Business Development Coordinator at Joining Vision and Action At JVA, we love people and organizations that promote positive social change. In fact, it’s central to who we are. We love [...]

Pay it Forward – Website Development Training

John Connelly, President & Founder at Sensus Media I won’t waste your time with a long post that highlights all the benefits of learning coding fundamentals or use the cliché ‘you have [...]

4 Tips on Better Digital Marketering for Social Change

Alaine Anderson, Digital Strategist and Implementer at Joining Vision and Action - Previous Blog With so many advertisements and media competing for attention now days, use these four techniques to be a better [...]

My Favorite #SuperBowlAds: Community and Social Change

When I’m watching the Super Bowl, the #SuperBowl ads are always my favorite. But not usually with the lens of how do they advance or reflect community and social change. Going into [...]

How to get more website traffic for your social enterprise

Alaine Anderson, digital strategist and implementer, Joining Vision and Action Blogging: It’s not only the bread and butter of driving traffic to a website, it also positions your organization as experts in [...]

#GivingTuesday: Polish Your Website with SEO

By John Connelly, president and founder of Sensus Media #GivingTuesday is 13 days away. Colorado Gives Day is 20 days away. And your nonprofit website should’ve been search engine optimized (SEO) yesterday. #GivingTuesday and [...]

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