7 Starting Points for Solid Secondary Data

By Aaron Schonhoff, Research and Evaluation Associate at Joining Vision and Action Secondary data sources are vital tools to have at your disposal. Though it may not provide insight into your specific research, secondary data can provide context to your geographic area and the issues it faces, or it can help identify regions suitable for [...]

Reframing Research and Evaluation: A Personal Journey

By Jill Iman, Co-Managing Director and Director or Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science My early training was in an academic, research-based setting where a hypothesis was either supported or not through rigorous research methodologies and analysis. Although this culture is changing, it has fostered an environment where success is tied to being able to [...]

Health Literacy Leads to Improved Health Outcomes for Patients

By Rolfe Larson, Senior Business Planning, Social Enterprise and Strategic Planning Consultant at Joining Vision and Action There you are, facing a BIG healthcare decision, feeling a bit lost in the haze of medical jargon and doctors on tight schedules talking a mile a minute. Even if you feel good about your healthcare providers, how much [...]

Total Rewards

This word cloud represents those non-monetary areas mentioned most frequently by respondents in Joining Vision and Action’s Total Rewards survey (larger words indicate concepts mentioned more frequently). Each need serious attention by anyone in the C-suite responsible for furthering their organization’s mission though an engaged workforce The Engagement Equation “It’s one of your biggest challenges: [...]

Strategies for Decision Making: When is “Good Enough” Better than “Best”?

Jill Iman, Director of Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science at Joining Vision and Action This story, with implications for decision making strategies (I promise), begins last weekend when I finally gave into a longing that had been building for, dare I say, a few years—I was going to buy some “nicer” patio furniture. Upon committing [...]

What Does it Mean to Collaborate Effectively?

By Jill Iman, Director of Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science at Joining Vision and Action Every day we’re being confronted with more news that might/could (does?) feel disheartening to ourselves and to many in our world. As I find myself riding my own waves of optimism and frustration (currently in an optimistic phase, thank you very [...]

How We Think About Setbacks Matters

EVALUATION TRAININGS By Jill Iman, Director of Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science Imagine this Situation Imagine that both Jada and Levi are in a middle school science class and each of us fails the mid-term test. Do you think Jada and Levi will each interpret that F the same? And, what will their classmates think about the [...]

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Strategic Partnership Development: Applied Best Practices

By Jennifer Wolf, MPH, Joining Vision andAction Director of Business and Partnership Development Why is strategic partnership development so important? Here at Joining Vision and Action, we are firm believers in implementation science, or taking scientific concepts and making them usable. In the nonprofit world, this idea of research and best practices can be applied [...]

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