Changemaker Profile: Sue Salinger

Ekar Jewish Urban Farm and Garden Executive Director Sue Salinger, left, with Becky O’Brien, director of Boulder Hazon. (Photo courtesy of Hazon, the Jewish Lab for Sustainability) Welcome to our Changemaker Profiles blog series! Each edition we profile one outstanding social changemaker from the JVA client community. By sharing the stories of some of the [...]

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Strategies for Decision Making: When is “Good Enough” Better than “Best”?

Jill Iman, Director of Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science at Joining Vision and Action This story, with implications for decision making strategies (I promise), begins last weekend when I finally gave into a longing that had been building for, dare I say, a few years—I was going to buy some “nicer” patio furniture. Upon committing [...]

What Does it Mean to Collaborate Effectively?

By Jill Iman, Director of Evaluation, Research and Implementation Science at Joining Vision and Action Every day we’re being confronted with more news that might/could (does?) feel disheartening to ourselves and to many in our world. As I find myself riding my own waves of optimism and frustration (currently in an optimistic phase, thank you very [...]

The Work-Life Balance Myth

By Rolfe Larson, Senior Consultant for Strategic and Business Planning, Joining Vision and Action. Now here’s a frank perspective: Balance doesn’t work.  So don’t even try. Accept the fact that the only way to really make something happen is to go “all in,” with everything you have. Anything less than that won’t get you where [...]

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Difference Between Business Plans and Strategic Plans?

By Rolfe Larson, Senior Consultant for Strategic and Business Planning, Joining Vision and Action. We often get this question: Do we need a strategic plan or a business plan? Frankly, they are similar in many ways, and since each plan has to be tailored to the organization it is prepared for, one can easily blur [...]

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Succession Planning Resources: How to Find Your Next Leader

Janine Vanderburg, CEO and President Joining Vision and Action These succession planning resources will help guide the conversation about what traits you want to see in your next leader. Inevitably your nonprofit or social enterprise will have to addresses the critical question: Who is our organization's next leader? Done correctly, with [...]

The 10 books that should be in every nonprofit executive director’s library

Janine Vanderburg, President/CEO, Joining Vision and Action What are the top books for nonprofit executive directors? There are thousands of books out there on all aspects of nonprofit work. Over time, these are the ones we turn to again and again, and recommend to nonprofit executive directors attending JVA’s Executive Director Academy. Are these [...]

Strategic Partnership Development: Applied Best Practices

By Jennifer Wolf, MPH, Joining Vision andAction Director of Business and Partnership Development Why is strategic partnership development so important? Here at Joining Vision and Action, we are firm believers in implementation science, or taking scientific concepts and making them usable. In the nonprofit world, this idea of research and best practices can be applied [...]

7 Roadblocks to Strategic Fundraising (Part 1 of 3)

Effective fundraising isn't just about how much money you raise. It's also about how you raise it. How can your organization apply principles of strategic fundraising? As our team prepares for the upcoming Development Intensive (DI), I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes some organizations’ fundraising more successful than others. We’ve worked with hundreds [...]

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Image sourced from New York Magazine by Janine Vanderburg, CEO, Joining Vision and Action Three things every nonprofit should ask itself as part of ongoing strategic planning As an avid student of—and sometimes participant—in politics, I watched with many of you the stunning and rapid denouement of Jeb Bush’s presidential [...]

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