Veditz Center Hopes to Create a ‘Third Place’ for the Deaf Community

Jaclyn Tyrcha was among Veditz Center board members who led a cultural competency training at JVA recently. (Photo by Kori Moinat/ Courtesy of the Veditz Center)   By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and [...]

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Work Relentlessly for Social Justice Now; Rest will Come

By Lisa Cirincione, Senior Grantwriter at Joining Vision and Action “How you do anything is how you do everything.” That is a lesson that I learned from my favorite yoga teacher, and [...]

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Father’s Sharing of Son’s Experience Draws Attention to Homelessness

By Katherine Jarvis, Business Development Manager at Joining Vision and Action I am a person of much privilege. I was raised in a solidly middle- to upper-middle class family, went to decent [...]

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Changemaker Profile: Emily Merritt

Welcome to our Changemaker Profiles blog series! Each edition will profile one outstanding social changemaker from the JVA client community. By sharing the stories of some of the incredible people we get [...]

State of the Sector: The Colorado Nonprofit sector is “WOKE”!

By Sarah Hidey, Co-Managing Director Yesterday afternoon I gathered with 200 other nonprofit and foundation professionals in Colorado for the third annual State of the Sector event held at the Studios at [...]

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Heard of 2Gen? Colorado Just Keeps Innovating

By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action Photo by London Scout on Unsplash Since starting at JVA in the fall, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several events where I’ve met [...]

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The Trump Budget: An Information and Action Session

By Lisa Cirincione, Joining Vision and Action Summary: A lively discussion and presentation about how President Trump’s proposed federal budget may impact projects undertaken by the City and County of Denver, environmental [...]