Comer Family Foundation: Syringe Service Program Grant

Deadline: 5/1/2021

Amount: $20,000 max



The purpose of the grant is to support programs that increase access to clean syringes. Funding is intended to enhance the health of individuals affected by drug use. These programs will offer education, free of cost sterile syringes, and community wrap-around services to reduce transmission of HIV, hepatitis C, and opiate overdose. Organizations that are actively developing local and community financial support are prioritized, and strategic partnerships are encouraged.

Eligible applicants:

Nonprofits or organizations that require a fiscal sponsor:

  1. with total organizational budgets less than $600,000
  2. grounded in harm reduction principle and practice providing access to sterile syringes, safer smoking, and snorting kits, through comprehensive harm reduction syringe service programs (SSPs)
  3. Harm reduction syringe service programs in operation for one full year