COPIC Medical Foundation Grant

Deadline: 1/15/2021

Amount: unspecified



The purpose is to support programs that focus on quality improvement initiatives and patient safety. Proposals from Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma, and Arizona may receive preference based on the foundation’s existing geographic footprint.

2021 Focus Area: Fragmentation Across Care Settings:

As healthcare delivery grows more complex, with multiple provider settings for care delivery and telehealth, care fragmentation is a top patient safety concern because it can impede communication among a patient’s providers and interfere with care coordination. Breakdowns in care from a fragmented healthcare system can lead to readmissions, missed diagnoses, medication errors, delayed treatment, duplicative testing and procedures, and reduction in quality of care leading to general patient and provider dissatisfaction.

Healthcare organizations must collaborate with each other and decide how to transfer information about patients they share. For example, health information technology can help providers share information about their patients. Organizations must devise strategies to “close the loop” and ensure that providers are aware of and address actionable patient information, such as test results.

Eligible applicants: