Groundswell Fund: Rapid Response Fund

Deadline: 10/15/2021

Amount: $20,000 max



projects that address urgent and immediate needs and opportunities, especially to protect the social and reproductive rights of women of color, trans people of color, and low-income women and trans people. Funding is meant to allow organizations to respond to time-sensitive crises. Groundswell’s Rapid Response Fund (RRF) will continue to center its criteria around:

1. Urgency

2. Leadership

3. Organizing + Base-Building

Eligible applicants:

Organizations based in the United States seeking funding for work within the United States

Organizations that are already Groundswell grantees or organizations that have never received funding from Groundswell

Organizations that center organizing, base-building, and advocacy as key strategies for building power and achieving social and reproductive justice

Organizations that define themselves as women of color-led, trans people of color-led, and/or led by low-income women and/or transgender people

Alliances, coalitions, and collaborations that are led by the above organizations working in solidarity to achieve social and reproductive justice