Help Colorado Now: Impact

Deadline: 12/3/2020

Amount: $25,000 max



The Impact priority area is prioritizing community-centered efforts that focus on mitigating impact of the pandemic in addition to efforts that promote resiliency, innovation, and relevance to the needs of people disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

  1. Examples include: Personal protective equipment (PPE), economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the outbreak, early childhood education availability, technology assistance, childcare, education, volunteer services, food access or services, schools, mental health resources for families with lower incomes with school-age children and for those experiencing job loss, and retooling office space for safe social distancing particularly for classrooms, domestic violence shelters, housing shelters as well as other shelters and facilities
  2. Limited funding is also available for community-based organizations focused on contact tracing in their communities. Priority will be given to eligible organizations with a specific focus on increasing cultural competency for contract tracing within a community or region.

Eligible applicants:

Nonprofit organizations, local government, school districts and small businesses who are:

  1. Serving a community need resulting from the COVID-19 crisis; and/or
  2. Serving areas of the state with limited nonprofit capacity