Deadline: 10/01/2019
Amount: $100,000-$350,000
The purpose of this program is to provide underserved teens with hands-on access to the technology education and tools they need to be prepared for the tech-reliant jobs of the future. This program seeks to partner with national nonprofit career pathway organizations to generate interest and awareness in tech-related careers; improve access to training, credentialing, and employment; and support tech-related career progression.
The primary responsibilities of award recipients will include:
  1. Working with schools and other community-based organizations to build awareness of the program in order to drive youth participation
  2. Ensuring access to teens from underserved communities
  3. Delivering college readiness and soft skills training to youth
  4. Working in collaboration with the national career pathway partner to provide on-the-ground programming to Best Buy Teen Tech Center youth based on the national partner’s curriculum
  5. Enabling participation of Best Buy employees to serve as volunteers
  6. Recruiting local companies/subject matter experts to provide work-based learning experiences for youth, including internships and jobs, in collaboration with the national partner
Eligibility is limited to projects taking place within 25 miles of a Best Buy store or other Best Buy center of operations, such as a warehouse or corporate headquarters. Information regarding Best Buy locations can be found online at