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Why partner with JVA for your fundraising strategy? We are relentlessly focused on bringing research and innovation to those committed to community and social change. We believe “the way it’s always been done” may not be sufficient and will apply the lessons of implementation science to make grounded recommendations based on what the evidence tells us will work for your organization.

Do your board and staff members express fear and anxiety about fundraising? Or maybe you have a team that would love to help with fundraising but has no experience? We know that every nonprofit organization has to fundraise. We also know that to bring money in the door as successfully as possible, you need a fundraising strategy. It can often be difficult to get everyone in your organization on board and fully participating.

Whether you’re looking to build your fundraising strategy to include more funding through grants, special events, a new donor base or through an earned income stream, we can help you do it better, faster and more strategically… while having some fun along the way.

Our expertise includes:

If your organization has a special fundraising need, we can also work together to customize a package designed specifically to address those unique needs.

What we do differently

Conventional wisdom isolates fundraising into a “development department.” The latest research clearly demonstrates that establishing a culture of fundraising throughout your organization is what will lead to success. Here at JVA, we have the team and interdisciplinary perspective to help you do that.

Our fundraising team

Collectively, our team of experts has worked on a broad range of fundraising efforts. We are here to share our experience and support you as you look for the best-fit fundraising strategies and solutions for your organization.

What JVA’s team can bring to fundraising efforts that most cannot is an interdisciplinary team that includes experts in:

  • Donor and member attitude and perception research
  • Prospect research
  • Major donor cultivation and acquisition
  • Grantwriting and other development writing
  • Marketing and digital communications
  • Engaging your entire organization in fundraising

Trainings and events

JVA also provides a variety of fundraising training opportunities to give you the tools to successfully raise money for your organization.