RPM Foundation

Deadline: 12/04/2020

Amount: average first-time award is approximately $10,000

Website: https://rpm.foundation


The purpose of this program is to secure the future of the automotive and marine restoration and preservation industries by supporting organizations that have a proven history of being committed to hands-on training of young people, primarily students ages 18 to 25. Applicants must provide these students with the specialized skills and knowledge needed to restore and preserve vintage cars, motorcycles, and boats.

To some degree, the funding agency has supported relevant museums by underwriting the cost of student tours and internships, and has even helped organizations purchase restoration tools and equipment; however, applicants have a better chance of receiving an award if they have a hands-on training program that provides a pathway to careers for students ages 18 to 25. Currently, the highest priorities are student scholarships, internships, and apprenticeships.

Eligible applicants: