What’s a “culture of evaluation?” It’s simply people asking questions, each and every day, so that they can make a greater impact and change the world.

Now, how do you get one? Well, JVA Consulting’s new Evaluation Intensive will teach you how.

Evaluation Intensive is an in-depth, hands-on, two-day workshop for individuals who are new to evaluation as well as those working in program development and implementation, grantwriting or research who want to know more about evaluation. The course will cover basic terminology and concepts used in evaluation, introduce participants to the design and use of logic models and evaluation plans, begin to tackle the intricacies of evaluation methods, data collection and analysis, and discuss the role of evaluation reporting. Also, like JVA’s popular Development Director Intensive (DDI), this course will go beyond the nuts and bolts of how to do evaluation by providing participants with the foundational knowledge they need to understand evaluation and continue to develop evaluation capacity.

As with DDI, JVA’s Evaluation Intensive gives nonprofit leaders the chance to learn useful information in an environment that’s more intensive than a brief workshop or training. Plus, participants have more time to interact with other attendees and learn from their experiences.

“Now more than ever both funders and organizations are being forced to make strategic decisions about where to put their resources to achieve the greatest impact,” said JVA research associate and Evaluation Intensive instructor, Katie Zaback. “Organizations can make these decisions much easier by integrating evaluation into their everyday operating practice.”

On March 30 and 31, Katie and the rest of JVA’s research and evaluation team will share the knowledge and tools you need to design and implement an evaluation plan that you can integrate into your organizational culture.

“By implementing simple evaluation approaches to define your program and measure what it achieves,” said Katie, “you can help your organization make smarter decisions and communicate your organization’s impact to funders and donors.”

Ready to create a “culture of evaluation” in your organization? JVA Consulting will offer Evaluation Intensive on March 30 and 31. This two-day workshop will give you the tools you need to implement program evaluation in your organization along with the understanding of how evaluation can help your organization succeed and flourish. To learn more and to register, click here.