By Janine Vanderburg, President/CEO

Research shows that people who read books live longer, on average, than people who don’t. Spurred on by a conversation over lunch in our Changemakers co-working space this week about who was reading what, I asked our JVA team members what they were reading this month. Here’s what they said:

Adam Brock, Director of Social Enterprise

Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive it by David Fleming. A remarkable book, 30 years in the making, that outlines a comprehensive vision of a post-fossil-fuel, relocalized world in dictionary form. Full of unique insights and memorable turns of phrase.

Lisa Cirincione, Senior Grantwriter

The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. It’s about how we make decisions and is based on studies by two mathematical psychologists.

Rebecca Shisler, Business Development Coordinator

All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister. It’s an interesting look at the trend of young women getting married later in life or not at all. It focuses on women’s independence and increased gender equity really resonates with me as a young woman.

Nora Welch, Director of Western Slope Services

#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk. I can’t say enough good things about Gary. He definitely “got the memo” and has been dialing it in for a while now. He has some great insights, both practical and personal, for how to build business, capture attention, live your one precious life and, as he says, “Do. You. Always.”

Alaine Anderson, Digital Strategist and Implementor

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin HoffThe ‘Tao of Pooh’ explains Taoism by Winnie the Pooh and explains Winnie the Pooh by Taoism. This book has truly changed my life, not because I’m a Taoist, but it has given me an entirely new perspective on dealing with life’s challenges and reshaping the way I see the world.

Cottleston, Cottleston, Cottleston Pie, A fly can’t bird, but a bird can fly.

What’s on your reading list?