Janine Vanderburg

Janine Vanderburg

Founder and Strategic Advisor

Janine Vanderburg started Joining Vision and Action three decades ago to address what she saw was a huge gap in social sector consulting—the lack of women’s voices and of professional opportunities for women with children. Using the skills she had developed as a lawyer and community organizer, Janine “argued” why her grassroots nonprofit clients could get funded, securing multimillion-dollar grants for organizations run by people of color and serving low-income communities. Under Janine’s leadership, JVA’s reach expanded to serve clients beyond metro Denver to across Colorado and the country, and it has extended beyond fundraising to include business and strategic planning, community assessments, training and organizational development, leadership search and research, and program evaluation.

Janine’s work over the last 30 years has included starting nonprofits and social enterprises, community organizing and advocacy, developing policy and programs, coaching social change leaders, and assisting government agencies and foundations in their work. Janine is a skilled trainer and facilitator whose areas of expertise include generating new ideas for social innovation, developing sustainable business models, strategic and business planning and social enterprise development.

Over the last decade, her work has focused on developing new leaders for social change and transforming the view of older adults from being the silver tsunami to a silver mine of solutions for enduring social problems. With a strong team in place, Janine has turned over day-to-day management of JVA to two JVA leaders, and she is ramping up her work in encore leadership and fighting ageism. She continues to serve as a strategic advisor to JVA and to create new products for community and social change based on the latest science and research.

Janine’s philosophy—then and now—is that human potential should not be wasted. Today, as it did initially, JVA offers the ability to work part-time, remote and flexible schedules. Janine’s next ventures are geared toward ensuring that older people can use the skills, talents and experience they have built over the years for social good.