Marketing and Communications

Sometimes a nonprofit or social enterprise is doing great work, but few people know about it. An organization may have great success stories … but little idea how, where or to whom to tell them. Unfortunately, word of mouth alone probably won’t cut it. This is where JVA’s nonprofit marketing services come in. We can help you find and tell your stories at a time and in a place and manner that let more people know about, appreciate—and support—the work you do.

Products and services

Whether you need a marketing plan, a media relations training, a social media plan, new messaging or a partner who can work with you on both the development and implementation of all these elements, we have you covered.

We have worked on major marketing initiatives with public library districts, environmental advocacy organizations, health care businesses, child-centered organizations, nonprofit health care providers, community organizations and others.

We will work with you to understand your goals, key audiences and messages, and we will then develop a plan geared specifically toward those outcomes. The actionable plan we create will help you see results immediately.

Here are a few of our marketing and communications products and services:

Our marketing and communications team

Our experienced team has years of experience in advertising, digital marketing, campaign communication, media relations, graphic design, and branding and message development for nonprofits, government and public agencies and businesses.

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