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Website Copy Update

Your organization’s website is its primary marketing piece. It’s the first place people go when they see or hear your name and want to learn more. When was the last time you took a critical look at it? If your website needs to be refreshed, reorganized and optimized to attract more views, JVA can help.

Why your website matters

A website gives potential donors, clients and partners their first impression of you. Yet, too often an organization’s website is at the bottom of its list of priorities. That’s unfortunate, because a good website can help you accomplish your other goals.

Right or wrong, funders, customers and others are likely to make assumptions about your organization based on your website. If it’s disorganized, has typos or looks like it’s from 2008, people are going to notice. If it’s attractive, easy to navigate and well maintained, site visitors are likely to ascribe similar attributes to your organization. That can make them feel more confident that you have the skills and capacity to manage funding responsibly, to develop and deliver high-quality products and services, and to follow through on your promises.

What JVA can do

JVA’s Website Copy Update is a simple way for you to get your site up to speed. We’ll work with your web developer and staff or board to rewrite content using information from your current website and additional content you provide. Employing evidence-informed practices for content development, JVA will remaster appropriate content for each page you identify for revision. We’ll also provide search engine optimization (SEO) for each page we update, to help ensure that clients, funders and partners find your site among the many that compete for their attention.

What’s included

  • An up-to-2-hour kickoff/brainstorming meeting on your organization’s vision for its website
  • Depending on need, as determined at the kickoff, a map of how to reorganize your site, including what to list on the site navigation bar
  • A refresh of the content on the website
  • Search engine optimization for the pages we update
  • Access to stock photos
  • One round of copyediting
  • As the final deliverable, we’ll hand over a simple, nonformatted Microsoft Word document containing an updated site map and content for your web developer to upload

To fit your website’s size and needs, JVA offers two basic packages:


Optional add-ons

  • Don’t have a web designer? If your site uses WordPress, JVA is happy to update your site copy for you for an additional cost. We can also add more stock photos to the above starter package. Just talk to our lead designer at the kickoff.
  • Have a bigger site? If your copy needs are more robust than 20 pages, no problem! We can add more time for however many additional pages you’d like. Mention your desired quantity to our business development manager (who will follow up with you upon purchase), and we’ll get you all set up.

We know you’re busy.

Let JVA take the hassle out of updating your website so it can continue to tell the world about the amazing things you do—while you keep doing them.