Cross-Site Evaluation

A JVA cross-site evaluation can help compare processes and outcomes across several programs, organizations or sites. This approach can tease out commonalities and differences among them and help you identify successes and areas for improvement. More specifically, a cross-site evaluation plan can synthesize findings across multiple locations and efforts, allowing a better understanding of the work overall, as well as identify distinct factors that may contribute to any differences between locations.

Our process

Like all JVA evaluation plans, our cross-site evaluation is customized for the specific organization(s) and population(s) served. We believe in the power of collaboration and can engage a diverse range of stakeholders in the plan’s development. Our process involves working logically to first develop a shared understanding of the approach and aligned goals, then to identify performance standards and indicators of success, appropriate tools with which to gather data, the staff needed to implement those tools, and the timing of data collection and analysis. Tools may include surveys, focus groups, interviews and more.

A cross-site evaluation plan can provide you with strategies to measure, compare and contrast processes and outcomes for funders, community stakeholders and clients. It can also inform your organization’s own decision-making when, for example, you are considering replicating or expanding a program.

What we evaluate

We evaluate both processes and outcomes. Process evaluation examines the process of implementing an initiative or program and determines whether it is operating as planned. Questions may include the following:

  • How is the program delivered across sites? Where are there similarities? Where are there differences?
  • What are the activities being implemented?
  • Who is being served across sites?

Outcome evaluation investigates to what extent an initiative is achieving its outcomes, including short-, medium- and long-term outcomes. Questions may include the following:

  • Did we meet the objectives of the program overall? Were some sites more or less effective? What contributed to those potential differences?
  • Was the initiative or program effective? What might be factors important to consider for future replication or scaling?

As results are gathered, JVA will compile and present relevant, user-friendly reports tailored to your needs and to your desired audience.

Our expertise

Our evaluation team has an extensive background in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including interviews, focus groups, survey design and advanced analysis techniques. Their work includes design, implementation and analysis of multifaceted and complex research and evaluation projects. Currently, JVA is performing a three-year cross-site evaluation for Second Acts for Strong Communities, an initiative of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. The effort involves 10 sites across the continental United States and Hawaii.