Grant Research for Funding

Need to apply for grants but not sure where to find them? JVA’s grants team has got you covered with our tailored funding research process.

Our process

First, one of our experts in grantwriting and fundraising will interview you to learn more about your organization and your great work.

Next, we’ll search grant directories, grant guidelines and online resources, as well as professional databases and websites. We’ll look for interest areas of funders as well, as awards made to other organizations with similar missions, programs, budget size and geographic reach. In addition, JVA researches the size of previous grants given and the number of awards made in a set time frame.

Finally, we’ll prepare a detailed list of best-fit local and national funders, based upon your organization’s identified goals, priorities and needs. We’ll include a rationale for why we recommend each funder and advice on how to position your organization with those funders. We’ll also provide a proposed 12-month funding calendar, organizing funders by due dates, so you have a detailed plan for grant submission.

Related services

Once you have the relevant funding research in hand, your team can use it to write and submit your own grant proposals, or JVA can pick up where we left off.

For example, JVA can create a grant proposal boilerplate specific to your organization, including a boilerplate grant narrative in the format most frequently used in your state, along with attachments, that your team can use and customize for different foundation and corporate funders.

We also offer a Grantwriter, Only Better package, providing your organization with comprehensive grant-related services for a longer term. We can write a set number of customized grant proposals for your organization, along with cover letters and recommendations on attachments.

Not sure what’s the best fit, or want something a little different? Call us and we’ll work out a plan to meet your needs!