Literature Review

If you’re trying to get a grasp on both the foundational and the latest research on a topic, a JVA literature review can help.

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Maybe your organization is looking to make evidence-informed decisions but is somewhat hazy on where the evidence points. Or you would like a set of current data to demonstrate to potential funders that your methods are backed by science. Or maybe you’re trying to develop an effective tool to survey particular stakeholders, but you’re unsure how to attract significant, meaningful participation. You need solid information and astute analysis, and we provide it to you.

More than a summary

A JVA literature review can do the following:

  • Describe the major themes, concerns and issues around a topic
  • Summarize and describe existing published research and other literature on the topic
  • Identify areas of consensus and debate in the literature
  • Highlight gaps in the literature
  • Recommend related areas for future research
  • Identify implications and recommendations for you and your organization

JVA’s team will comb academic databases, government and professional websites, scholarly journals and other sources to find pertinent data from accredited researchers. We will evaluate the information for relevance, organize it, analyze it and present it in a useful, easily understandable format. And we’ll tailor the presentation to your desired audience, whether that’s your organization, your board of directors, your community or the broader public.

What we provide

JVA’s experience spans a broad range of content areas and topics. These range from health and mental health to education, from housing to aging, from evidence-based organizational practices to effective messaging strategies, and from board development to environmental trends. We have a seasoned team of researchers, evaluation experts, writers, editors and designers to contribute as needed to your report. What’s more, we love a challenge! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get the answers you need.

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