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Branding Integration Packages

You’ve seen it. A swoosh, a target, an arrow, accompanied by a carefully coordinated font and color palette. You’ve seen it, and you immediately knew its identity and purpose. You knew it because of the consistency of imagery.

Attending to branding isn’t just for the big corporations or fancy organizations, it’s for nonprofits and social enterprises like you, too! More specifically, it’s for your constituents and community. In our highly visual and connected world, making sure people can instantly recognize who you are is essential for engagement and helps to inspire confidence in what you do.

Let JVA help you tie it all together. Mixing your existing logo, style and branding with our expertise in the design and development of collateral pieces (print and online), we’ll take your marketing and communication materials from unknown to known, from drab to fab!

From everyday to special-use items, JVA’s design team can create the following beautiful (and user-friendly!) templates and collateral pieces that will help you grab your audience’s attention and share all about your amazing and important work.

In addition to being fans of brand-inspired and coordinated pieces, we’re also fans of choice! Any and all of the products below are available for customization for your organization. Just click on whichever items below fit your needs best, “add to cart” and you’ll be on your way!

If you’re in the market for upping multiple pieces of your visuals and communication game, we’ve curated several marketing integration packages to fit your needs. We have three levels of products we think go nicely together depending on your level of experience or needs.

Need something that wasn’t included above? Want to use JVA’s incredible team of writers and researchers to create content for you? No problem. Submit the form below to share what you’re looking for, and our business development manager will follow up with you.

Some additional notes

Just to make sure we’re on the same page…

  • All of the above projects are based on the organization supplying the accompanying content (logos, organization information, dates, photos, etc.)—JVA will only provide the design of your chosen collateral option. JVA does not provide logo design.
  • A “kickoff” meeting, consultation and project management costs are included with each option. This means you and your design consultant will have time to brainstorm, make adjustments and otherwise discuss your needs.
  • Final file format (.png, .pdf, .doc, etc.) will be determined during initial call between you and your lead designer. We want to make sure you can read and use your new beauty!