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Training and Events

Are you looking to improve your organizational capacity in a specific area but can’t afford to pay one-on-one consulting fees?

Would you like to offer professional development to all of your staff and board members on a range of topics, all for one low cost?

We offer training and development workshops for nonprofit and social sector organizations on a range of topics, including:

We can guarantee this won’t be your standard training! There will be no sitting under the fluorescent lights, staring at a PowerPoint (no offense PowerPoint). Get ready for a participatory experience with relevant activities that illustrate the key concepts in a fun, engaging way.

Trainings are available at our Denver headquarters, in Western Colorado and in Northern Colorado. You can learn more about each training by clicking on the event title. If you have additional questions about what a particular training will cover, contact us for more information.

Training Membership

Like saving money? Who doesn’t?! Check out our Training Membership packages to find out how multiple people from your organization can access multiple trainings for one low price.

Traveling from outside Colorado?

If you’re visiting us from another state or country and information to navigate the area, we can help. Contact us with any questions about the area.

Customized Training

Would you like us to bring our trainings to your area or customize them to your organization? We can do that! Contact us to discuss how our trainings can be tailored to your specific needs.



If you’re looking for a fun, casual opportunity to connect with other members of the social sector, join us for our monthly Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Networking Group. It’s a monthly networking event—with a JVA twist.

If you have an interest in making the world a better place and want to mingle with other like-minded changemakers, but without all the pressure of traditional, formal networking events, this free event is for you. Join us for an evening of casual conversation over snacks and drinks, here at our JVA headquarters in beautiful Edgewater, Colorado.

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