Planning and Facilitation

Whether you’re seeking a new job, starting a family or just making a lunch date, things tend to work out a lot better if you plan ahead. Likewise, your organization will run much more smoothly if it takes the time to do some planning. JVA’s planning and facilitation services can help you determine where to start and how to make a potentially overwhelming process manageable.

The idea can be daunting, we know. Your team needs to agree upon and formalize policies, procedures, goals and more. Its members may have diverse backgrounds and may not be starting on the same page. And there’s so much to consider. You may want to address issues of funding, facilities, programs, and staff and board development. You may be anticipating or have recently undergone significant changes in your board or organization. Maybe your stated mission doesn’t quite seem to fit anymore.

JVA can help. We can show you how to break down your planning process into manageable sections and steps. And our facilitation experts have experience eliciting participation from each member of your group, in ways that are fun and nonthreatening. Frequently, participants are asked to share their state of mind at the end of JVA’s planning sessions. Many are heartened by the way their group members have come together. Words we hear often are “excited” and “relieved.”

Planning and facilitation products and services

JVA offers a variety of planning and facilitation products and services:

Training and events

Move from concept to market in our six-day social enterprise coaching and training workshop, Social Enterprise Basecamp. You will learn how to use the methods and disciplines of business to advance your goals.

Our planning and facilitation team

Members of JVA’s planning and facilitation team come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, adding richness and depth to your experience. Check them out here.