Staff Development and Recruitment

Many elements must come together to create a well-functioning organization. None is more important than your team. You seek a board and staff that are mission-driven and share your values. You rely on them to understand and embrace their responsibilities, to know their strengths and feel empowered to use them. When your team grows, you want new members that complement the skills and assets of your current staff and board. JVA knows that staff development and recruitment form the backbone of your organization. We can make yours stronger.

Staff development products and services

JVA’s staff development and recruitment services are built on a thorough understanding of the nonprofit sector resulting from 30 years of experience working with hundreds of social-change clients. We understand how the sector works, and we stay on top of new trends and the latest research.

JVA provides the following staff development and recruitment products and services:

In the nonprofit sector more than most sectors, a fit with organizational culture and values is essential. JVA’s recruitment process takes this into account, evaluating candidates not just for the qualifications that look good on paper but for shared ideals and attitudes. It helps that we know tons of people in the sector. They’ve been at our networking events, attended our trainings and worked with us in hundreds of settings over the years.

Similarly, our board development helps ensure that your board members are on the same page when it comes to their duties and their goals for the organization. Most people join nonprofit boards for two reasons—a passion for the mission and/or a desire to help their communities. If you’re not getting what you hoped for in a board member, we can help you understand common obstacles and help your board become engaged and energized.

When it comes to both recruitment and board development, JVA has found that strengths-based approaches serve organizations well. In our experience, leveraging the strengths of each member of the team (board, staff, volunteers) not only helps things run smoothly, it makes everyone happier and more invested in their roles.

Finally, we also offer customized trainings to fit your needs. For example, we can provide on-site project management training or supervisor training. Just reach out by phone or email, and together we can tailor a plan that’s right for you!