The Joining Vision and Action Team

At Joining Vision and Action, we’re huge believers in Jim Collins’ principle of getting the right people on the bus. To us, that means people who are passionate about community and social change (it’s what they do when they’re not at work, as well). It’s people who genuinely care about our customers’ success—like Collin, who brought a bell to work that we ring when we learn about a grant award going to a client. It’s people who are committed to getting it right. People who will go over the top to ensure your success. People who work together. That’s the Joining Vision and Action team in a nutshell (or a bus!).

Our Valuable Joining Vision and Action Team Members

Aaron Schonhoff
Aaron SchonhoffResearch and Evaluation Associate
Art Rimando
Art RimandoSenior Evaluation Consultant
Collin Lessing
Collin LessingSenior Grantwriting Consultant
Erin Shaver
Erin ShaverSenior Grantwriter
Jill Bennett Iman, Ph.D.
Jill Bennett Iman, Ph.D. Co-Managing Director / Director of Research and Evaluation
Katalin Wishart, J.D.
Katalin Wishart, J.D.Senior Grantwriter
Katherine Jarvis
Katherine JarvisDirector of Client Relations
Lisa Cirincione, J.D.
Lisa Cirincione, J.D.Senior Resource Development Associate
Marshall Vanderburg, MPA
Marshall Vanderburg, MPADirector of Operations
Nora Welch
Nora WelchManager of Strategic Planning and Communications
Sandra Harris Howard, Ph.D.
Sandra Harris Howard, Ph.D.Senior Trainer and Facilitator
Sandy Wiegand
Sandy WiegandCopyeditor and Writer
Sarah Hidey
Sarah HideyCo-Managing Director / Director of Resource Development
Silvia Solis
Silvia SolisResearch and Evaluation Associate
Stella Carrasco
Stella CarrascoOffice Manager and Training Coordinator
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