Logic Models, Evaluation Plans and Evaluation Systems

Is everyone in your organization working toward the same ultimate goals? Do you know how to convey to your board, staff, community stakeholders and potential grantmakers the outcomes you are pursuing and just how you intend to achieve them? JVA’s logic models, evaluation plans and evaluation systems can help you ensure the answer to both questions is a resounding “yes.”

Logic models, evaluation plans and evaluation systems can all help you paint a picture of your organization and its goals, achievements and opportunities. Although the picture becomes richer and more detailed with each of the three elements, each has its own value, and JVA can create any or all of them for you. Our team has the expertise and flexibility to tailor its products to meet each organization’s needs and available resources.

Logic models

Logic models communicate—often visually—the outcomes you seek and what is required to reach them. They depict your organization’s inputs (available resources), its activities (actions taken to fulfill your vision), its outputs (direct products of the inputs and activities) and the outcomes (benefits for the community) achieved.

JVA has the knowledge and experience to help your team think through all of the relevant causes and effects for your logic model, whether program-specific or organization-wide, and the design expertise to illustrate them in an eye-catching format that promotes engagement and presents the information in a culturally responsive way.

Evaluation plans

An evaluation plan can build on the information in an organization’s logic model or it can be a stand-alone starting point for providing the roadmap on how to evaluate the effectiveness of any given program, project or the larger organization. JVA’s evaluation plans provide you with a strategy to measure identified outcomes—a means to gather hard data to validate them—for funders, community stakeholders, clients and your own peace of mind.

We believe in collaborative processes, often engaging diverse groups in the development of your evaluation plan (e.g., program staff, volunteers, community representatives). Thus, JVA’s evaluation plans are informed by a set of key questions regarding the specific outcomes determined to be valuable. Our evaluation plans then work logically to identify indicators of success, performance standards, the tools to be used to gather the data (such as surveys, focus groups and key informant interviews), the staff needed to implement those tools and the timing of data collection and analysis.

And, of course, we can also help you to carry out your evaluation plan by customizing and implementing the tools above and compiling and presenting a report on the results.

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Evaluation systems

If you’re looking for a way to build your organization’s capacity as well as its use and confidence with data, consider enlisting JVA’s experts to create an evaluation system for you. JVA can custom design a system with key evaluation tools, connect those tools to a dashboard and train your team on data analysis and system upkeep.

JVA’s approach is informed by implementation science—research, as well as extensive experience in the field—to ensure that capacity-building and evaluation system design, methods and tools are based on evidence-informed practices, in addition to being practical for our clients.

Our evaluation team has an extensive background in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including interviews, focus groups, survey design and advanced analysis techniques. Their work includes design, implementation and analysis of multifaceted and complex research and evaluation projects. JVA’s recent projects include the development of a multilayered evaluation system for the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Monterey County, California, and the creation of an evaluation system for the Spring Institute of Intercultural Learning that allows data collection in the field as part of an effort to increase health literacy among Denver’s refugee and immigrant communities.

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