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COVID-19 Resources and Information

Your work is important, and there remains so much to be done.

Joining Vision and Action knows that COVID-19 will pose a variety of obstacles for changemakers, some more daunting than others. This is an unprecedented and challenging time, but together we can face it. As your partner and supporter, JVA can help you and your organization navigate what lies ahead.

JVA can help you weather this storm.

We are living through an extraordinary moment in history. It will require diligence, planning and innovation. No one knows exactly what the future holds, but JVA’s team has unrivaled experience and expertise, and we are dedicated to applying it to help you continue to accomplish your mission effectively and efficiently.

Resource developmentplanning and stakeholder engagement are among our core areas.

We have been writing grants since our 1987 inception and have won our clients more than $1 billion in grant funding over the years. During that 33-year span, we have also facilitated more than 700 planning sessions, including action planning to address a changing landscape. Our team can also help you stay connected with your constituents—whether that’s hearing their feedback or sharing your latest updates—and can craft messages and strategies for both English and Spanish audiences.

Special services and offerings

Just like you, we’re brainstorming, pivoting, shifting and all sorts of other “ing”-ing into action to be the most helpful to our clients and communities at this time.

One of the things we can offer is an incredible legacy of supporting nonprofits through grantwriting, funding research, strategic communications and other resource development activities. We know being a good steward of your resources matters, so we’re offering ways to double down on your success, at a lower cost.

Check out our NEW funding research product, FREE posting resources for social media and available PROMOTIONS on the most relevant services we offer.

Special pricing
>>> Budget friendly options for grantwriting, funding research, communications, training and consultation.
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