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Recruitment and Executive Search

Searching for the right candidate for your community and social change organization is different than doing a regular search. Most search firms and consultants don’t understand that. But we do. And we can help.

We integrate into your search a deep understanding and expertise of working with social change organizations for more than 27 years, with cutting-edge recruitment and search techniques based on best practices. The result? You get the right person with the right attitudes and strengths to advance your organization’s mission.

Changemaker Testimonial – Toni Saiber,  Eating Disorder Foundation

Toni Saiber

We worked with Joining Vision and Action to hire our new executive director. With JVA, we had a wonderful first half-day workshop to determine what it is we were looking for, and that process was enlightening for all of us. We loved how much we learned about ourselves and about what the organization needed.

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Products and Services

Our team offers nonprofit recruitment and executive search services. Our search services are different than most search services in these ways:

  • They are built on a thorough understanding of the sector, built from over 27 years of experience working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations each year. We understand how the sector works, and we are constantly on top of new trends and the latest research.
  • We understand that in the nonprofit sector more than most sectors, a fit with organizational culture and values is essential. From our initial interviews with you and your team members, we are assessing your nonprofit’s culture and values, and making sure that the recruitment and interview process is designed to identify candidates who are a great fit. Similarly, if you are trying to change your organization’s culture to an aspirational one (e.g., more innovative, more focused on customer service), we’ll identify candidates who can help you do that.
  • We integrate the principles of Strengths-based Leadership. We believe that leveraging strengths of everyone on your team (board, staff, volunteers) is critical for nonprofit success, and we include a strengths perspective throughout our search process.
  • We know tons of people in the sector, period. They’ve been at our networking events, attended our trainings and we’ve worked with them in hundreds of settings over the years.

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Trainings and Events

In addition to our products and services, we also offer recruitment and executive search trainings and events.

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