Executive Search and Recruitment

JVA knows that finding and hiring great-fit employees is especially important for changemaker organizations, which have little capacity for do-overs. We’ve been there! And we’re happy to employ the lessons we have learned in our 30-plus years of experience to help you get the right people in the right seats on your “bus.” We offer a full spectrum of cost-effective executive search and recruitment  services.

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 JVA has the expertise to assist you in the search process from beginning to successful conclusion. Depending on your needs, we can take you step by step through our well-refined recruitment and hiring process, or we can provide only specific services tailored to your organization’s particular needs.

Full-service recruitment services

We typically begin full-service recruitment efforts by interviewing members of your team to learn about your organization and what you desire in a new employee. Next steps may include conducting a salary scan and developing a job opening announcement, as well as offering advice on where to

advertise. JVA will also respond to applicant inquiries and cultivate additional candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position. We will develop interview questions and conduct interviews, provide questions to use in checking references, and more.

Throughout the process, JVA representatives will attend search committee meetings and offer guidance and support as requested. Finally, we can serve as your intermediary in extending an offer to your preferred candidate and negotiating terms of employment.

Alternately, if your organization wants a more hands-on approach, JVA can support your in-house efforts through tailored services, or one of the following packages:

  • A basic search documents package includes an interview with your team to explore organizational culture, challenges and opportunities, and what you need in a candidate; development of a vacancy announcement; questions for checking references and questions for conducting candidate interviews.
  • Our Package 2: Search Documents Package PLUS includes everything in the basic package, as well as development of a position profile. The position profile helps candidates understand the unique characteristics of your organization and the principal challenges and opportunities offered by the position. It gives serious candidates the opportunity to prepare a more complete and focused application, making screening of applications more productive. The process of developing the position profile often helps identify and resolve potential differences in stakeholders’ expectations, resulting in a more efficient and effective search process and a smoother transition for the successful candidate.
  • Our Package 3: Mini-Search Consulting Service includes all of the services in Package 2, along with JVA’s help screening applications to eliminate those that do not meet minimum qualifications for the position, plus 10 hours of facilitation or other consulting services to support the search process. This may include coaching for the new executive if desired.

Whatever your needs when it comes to recruitment and executive search, JVA is here for you. Not sure what package fits best? Reach out to us and we’ll help you determine what works for you!