JVA’s comprehensive, integrated approach to its services means you don’t have to spend your time finding and coordinating different consultants. We do that for you, through our in-house team of experts. We can ensure you get what you need in any of our many service areas:

  • Evaluation and Engagement
    Program evaluation (process and outcome evaluation using mixed methods, including surveys, focus groups and interviews), research (literature reviews, landscape scans, experimental design and analysis), data analysis and reporting (dashboards) and community engagement (strategy, design and implementation.) 
  • Fundraising
    Donor engagement and surveys, customized training for creating a culture of fundraising and case for support development.
  • Grantwriting
    Annual contracts, boilerplate development, foundation and state or federal grants, content reviews, and funding research (local/national and state/federal.)
  • Communications
    Social media (plans and start-up), annual reports, strategic communication plans, and message testing and development.
  • Planning and Facilitation
    Strategic planning,  facilitation (meetings, retreats, community conversations), succession planning and change management.
  • Staff Development and Recruitment
    Leadership and board development, strengths-based approach, executive search, recruitment and trainings (public and customized.)

If you’re a funder, we can help you think through your next initiative and build the capacity of your grantees to meet your desired outcomes.

Our approaches are informed by research on promising practices and by our over 30 years of work with nonprofits, government agencies, foundations and socially responsible businesses. And our next-generation team of researchers and specialists keeps our methods up to date by bringing new thinking, fresh ideas and research-informed practice to our work.