Strategic Planning

It’s important to know where your organization is going, why it matters and how you’ll get there. Sometimes these answers get a little muddy over time. Maybe your organization recently received new restrictions on funding, or you identified a new client base. As our environment changes, so may our path. Luckily, strategic planning can help us affirm where we want to go and get us on track to that destination.

The philosophical and the practical

JVA’s strategic planning retreats bring together an organization’s board and sometimes its staff to focus on its impact. Strategic planning is a visionary process, considering philosophical questions such as an organization’s mission, its vision and its core values. But the process has practical aspects as well. For example, it may consider questions like: What strategies can we pursue to secure funding to achieve our desired impact? What goals can we set that reflect our mission and can help us get closer to making our vision a reality?

It sounds like a lot of work, and it can be. But JVA can help you break down your planning process into manageable sections and steps. Our strategic planning services can achieve the following for our clients:

  • Engage all participants in understanding the big questions and trends affecting the organization
  • Create a shared vision for the future, with buy-in from all who will be involved in moving it forward
  • Provide a clear road map for moving forward
  • Help everyone in the organization to market it and fundraise for it, by providing clarity about what differentiates it from other organizations
  • Build the capacity of board and staff members to work together to create a more sustainable organization

Change management

If your organization is engaging in strategic planning because it is dealing with a particular change in circumstances, you may want to incorporate a change management plan. With thoughtful planning, a time of change can provide a unique opportunity to launch your group forward. Our change management plan process will help you:

  • Identify people and program areas that will be affected
  • Design internal and external response plans
  • Provide specialized support for clients, staff and board members
  • Shift perspective from “have to” to “get to”

Our team approach

JVA’s culturally responsive, team approach means that we work in concert with clients to help groups come to consensus. Our experienced facilitators know how to elicit input from even reluctant participants. They make it happen with fun activities that are designed to make participants feel safe and at ease.

For this reason, JVA’s strategic planning retreats have a way of improving a group’s morale. Team members get to know each other, dig into the work and see evidence that they share similar passions and objectives. Differences of opinion may be broached in a safe environment, and no one is the enemy. The benefits of such interactions can be long lasting.


As our strategic planning process comes to an end, I have no adequate words with which to thank you for your professionalism, intelligence, analysis, data, passion, dedication, creativity, patience, wisdom, vision and action!

Lauren Casteel, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation of Colorado

We are on our third round of doing [planning] with JVA because we continue to blaze through our plans and complete them early! Because JVA structures our documents so well, we continue to overachieve on our three- and five-year goals.

Bob Dorshimer, CEO of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare

That was one of the most productive group interactions I’ve ever had.

Strategic Planning Participant, Next 50 Initiative

Thank you once again for facilitating our foundation retreat. You are so amazing and it’s an honor to have you each time. I learn something new at every presentation!

Marcia Romero, CoBiz Foundation

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team on the W.F.C.O. strategic plan and I am so impressed with what we were able to accomplish. The plan we have will set the stage for years of success. I don’t think another firm would have gotten us here.

Stephanie Bruno, Women’s Foundation of Colorado
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