Meeting Facilitation

Are you looking to engage your board or staff in some critical conversations? To work with community and other stakeholders as part of a planning process? JVA’s team has the meeting facilitation expertise to make sure you come away with answers that lead to an actionable plan.

Fun and inclusive meetings

You may be dealing with a diverse group of individuals who approach your organization’s decisions from very different perspectives. Never fear. JVA’s meeting facilitation experts will work with you to design a process that is culturally responsive and allows all voices to be heard in a respectful manner. We have extensive experience in making meetings both fun and inclusive. And we have staff with decades of experience specializing in addressing issues of equity and inclusion while working with diverse communities—as well as Spanish-speaking and bicultural staff.

The benefits of active participation

JVA is well-versed in a wide array of methods so that we can customize a terrific meeting, or series of them, for you. We have designed activities that encourage active participation by everyone, and they include individual, small-group and large-group exercises. When you manage to engage every member of your group, you accomplish several things. First, your meeting participants know that you value their opinions. Second, you ensure that no good ideas are unspoken because someone feels intimidated. And third, you promote group members’ investment in the organization’s path forward.

A community is served best when it plays a part in the effort. Meeting facilitation by JVA can help make sure that the direction your program, your organization or a broader initiative takes makes sense for those it serves and then continues to resonate.

JVA would love to facilitate your next meeting. Give us a call to find out more about what we can accomplish together!

Changemaker Testimonial: Sonrisa Lucero, Office of Sustainability of the City and County of Denver

Sonrisa Lucero

“JVA provided facilitators for our roundtables and summit breakouts for last year’s Sustainable Denver Summithelped improve our model and design for the summit, and helped connect to a different audience than what we have had in the past at these events, too, by bringing in more organizations focused on social issues, beyond just those focused on environmental issues.”

Read her changemaker profile

Additional Testimonials

“Just wanted to send you a very BIG thank you for your facilitation and support last week! This was not an easy group to wrangle, but your ability to adapt and manage was just perfect.”

Corrie R. Colvin Williams, National workshop developing collective outcomes for environmental education

“Your skill as a facilitator made the work possible, and it was such a pleasure to work with you!”

Participant, National workshop developing collective outcomes for environmental education

“That was one of the most productive group interactions I’ve ever had.”

Board member, Next 50 Initiative

“I want to compliment you on the terrific job that you did facilitating last weekend’s retreat!! I felt that the one and a half days really went smoothly, with a lot being accomplished.”

Board member, Nonprofit organization in growth stage

“I just can’t thank you enough for you amazing leadership during our retreat. We all felt so incredibly empowered by you and your fabulous ability to lead us and help us get to the crux of what we hope to accomplish.”

Board member and founder, Start-up organization

“Thank you again for the fine job you all did this morning! Everyone I spoke with commented that they felt it was a very productive meeting and looking forward!”

Organizer and participant, Multi-agency and business energy dialogue on western slope
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