Business Planning and Modeling

Governance. Legal structures. Earned-income models. A communications plan. Business planning and modeling may seem dry or intimidating, but it is essential to your organization’s sustainability. And don’t worry, JVA can translate the jargon and walk you through the processes and decisions you face.

If your board has new members, it might need a primer on the different aspects of your organization’s business plan. Or, new or not, you may have come to the realization that your organization’s plan is missing some elements. Changes within or outside your organization might also make it necessary to rethink the way you’re doing things.

What’s involved

To sum it up, a business plan considers the revenues and financial condition of your organization, including what is desirable and what is achievable. The JVA team will help you analyze your customer or client base, the market where you operate, your “competitors” and the feasibility of your goals. We can also help you explore the potential benefits and challenges of different fund development strategies, such as social enterprise. And we can help you decide on marketing strategies to attract clients and funders.

Ultimately, a business plan needs to demonstrate if and how an organization will succeed financially.

What you leave with

JVA has the savvy to guide you through the creation or update of your business plan and model. We’ll tailor our efforts to fit your organization’s needs, emphasizing the components you wish to focus on. We can also show you how the pieces connect and help you make sure nothing is left out.

Through working with our team, you will walk away with:

  • A thoroughly researched and documented plan that captures your specific business needs
  • Clear, actionable next steps for you and your organization
  • Knowledge of how to engage and activate people both inside and outside of your organization

Contact us soon, and we’ll help you make sure your organization has a solid plan for its sustainability!