Business and Strategic Planning Products and Services

Does revamping or developing your strategic or business plan seem overwhelming? Are you struggling to even know where to start? What’s the difference between a strategic plan and business plan? How do you know which fits your organization?

You’ve got strategic and business planning questions. We’ve got answers.

We hear you! It can be a confusing or daunting process, but we vouch that it’s a valuable one.

Fortunately, we have loads of experience and a track record of results when it comes to clarifying your organization’s purpose and goals.

We have a variety of business and strategic planning products and services that will fit your individualized need:

Business Planning

Governance. Legal structures. Earned income models. Communications plan.

While they may not be the most exciting elements of a new idea or project, they are extremely valuable and essential to your organization’s success.

Our experienced team can help you map out key foundational elements from regulations to earned-income models that will help your organization increase success and stand the test of time.

What Business Planning looks like

Through working with our team, you will walk away with:

  • A thoroughly researched and documented plan that captures your specific business needs
  • Clear, actionable next steps for you and your organization
  • Knowledge of how to engage and activate people both inside and outside of your organization.


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Strategic Planning

It’s important to know where you’re going and why it matters. Sometimes these answers can get a little muddy over time. Perhaps your organization recently received new restrictions on funding or you have identified a new client base to serve. As our world changes, so does its needs. As that happens, insert strategic planning.

Our strategic planning process can help you and your fellow change-makers incorporate changes while not only keeping you on track, but also increasing your impact.

What Strategic Planning looks like

Through collaboration with your partners and our team, your organization will create a strategic, actionable plan that incorporates your mission and vision with the current status of your world.


As our strategic planning process comes to an end, I have no adequate words with which to thank you for your professionalism, intelligence, analysis, data, passion, dedication, creativity, patience, wisdom, vision and action!

Lauren Casteel, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation of Colorado

We are on our third round of doing [planning] with JVA because we continue to blaze through our plans and complete them early! Because JVA structures our documents so well, we continue to overachieve on our three- and five-year goals.

Bob Dorshimer, CEO of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare

That was one of the most productive group interactions I’ve ever had.

Strategic Planning Participant, Next 50 Initiative

Thank you once again for facilitating our foundation retreat. You are so amazing and it’s an honor to have you each time. I learn something new at every presentation!

Marcia Romero, CoBiz Foundation

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team on the W.F.C.O. strategic plan and I am so impressed with what we were able to accomplish. The plan we have will set the stage for years of success. I don’t think another firm would have gotten us here.

Stephanie Bruno, Women’s Foundation of Colorado
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Ready, Set, GOAL!

How many of you have experienced this scenario? 

It’s 5 p.m., and you realize you have no idea what you accomplished today. You feel, exhausted so you must have done something, right? While all of the emails and phone calls answered and meetings attended are important, what did you really do to get you and your organization closer to where you want to be?

Remember those big dreams? The ones where you’re “moving the needle” on poverty, early childhood education, homelessness, animal rights, clean energy, resource equity, etc.? You’re already making a difference, no doubt … but what if you could do more? What if you could increase your impact by increasing your intention and not your workload?

Let’s turn “what if’s” into “what’s next.”

We at JVA are big fans of something we call “implementation science.” This means our team of experts is ready to help you challenge long-time assumptions and introduce more effective and imaginative tools into your work, helping you realize even greater community impact.

Our research, led by our implementation science expert, Jill Iman, Ph.D., guided us to effective science-backed strategies many people have already used to identify and achieve their goals. We took that research, added some JVA magic, and designed a curriculum that will help you achieve your goals.

Still remember those big dreams? Good. Bring them with you to this training and you’ll leave confident that you know exactly how to move forward.

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