Planning for Your Strategic Planning

Does the strategic planning process seem overwhelming? Do you want to hold a strategic planning retreat to hone your business strategy but not know where to start? Or maybe you’ve set a date for this team-building event but don’t want to jump in only to find you don’t have the tools or resources to act on the great ideas your event generates. Never fear! Joining Vision and Action can help.

Have a Successful Team-Building Experience!

We’ve designed this training to help you complete the legwork necessary to organize a successful strategic planning session.

You need your planning session to end with an actionable plan that meshes your organization’s mission and vision with its real-world circumstances. And you want your team to coalesce while they build this better business strategy. In the end, the whole team needs to know where you’re going and why. Joining Vision and Action can help you make this happen. First, we can help you to identify the key stakeholders who should be present at your retreat. We’ll also help to clarify everyone’s role in the process. Finally, you’ll leave training knowing what documents, statistics, and evidence to provide stakeholders so they can make informed decisions on what’s best for your organization.

If you’re serious about making meaningful changes in your organization based on informed discussion, this training is a great first step.

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