These Funders Have Money for Nonprofits, Others Affected by Coronavirus

By the Joining Vision and Action team Last updated March 29, 2021. Funders' efforts to support nonprofits amid the COVID-19 outbreak have continued to grow, and JVA is committed to keeping changemakers up to date on the opportunities that exist. For information tailored to your specific organization, please consider JVA's Funding Research. Also see [...]

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Self-care: One of the Best Tools in a Grantwriter’s Toolbox

By Lisa Cirincione, Senior Resource Development Associate at Joining Vision and Action OMG, my grant is due in one week and it’s not where it needs to be. I’ve had this thought countless times. It’s a challenge that comes with this profession—whether it is striving to find that extra piece of data to make the [...]

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What Might Happen to Federal Grants under a Trump Administration?

By Lisa Cirincione, Joining Vision and Action At JVA, we are anxiously speculating about what will happen to critical federal funding in the coming years. While there is no absolute certainty, I am going to try to summarize what we do know. Trump Nominees First, President Donald Trump has nominated people to serve in his [...]

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