Resource Development

Just as it’s hard for a child to focus on her schoolwork if her stomach is rumbling, it can be tough for organizations to remain undistracted from their missions if funding is unreliable. JVA understands that sustainability can be a challenge for changemakers. That’s why we offer a variety of resource development products and services to support your organization’s bottom line, ease your mind and help you deliver on your mission.


JVA can help your organization design a strategy to meet its funding needs, tapping into our decades of experience and our many time-tested tools. If your organization doesn’t have a solid fund development plan, our multistep process can help you ensure you’re not scrambling at the last minute for ways to finance your other plans. And we’ve got lots of methods for determining the optimal components of your funding framework.

Want to find out what’s important to your potential donors? We can help you design, conduct and analyze a donor survey. Considering a fundraising campaign? A feasibility study can help you ensure your approach makes sense, has a realistic timeline and targets the best prospective donors. And when you need a creative, persuasive marketing product to give your campaign momentum, JVA can design a case for support to sell your story.

Maybe your needs are a bit simpler at the moment, and you just want to get your board more comfortable with asking for donations. Consider our customized Engaging Your Board in Fundraising training. We have specific strategies for connecting with the full board and helping all members feel more at ease when reaching out to potential donors. We’ll help your organization create a culture of fundraising that gets the whole team involved. Check out our complete list of fundraising services and trainings on our Fundraising page.


JVA has more than three decades of experience writing winning grant proposals. Our team writes more than 100 grants a year, and we’ve garnered over $1 billion in grant funding for our clients over the years. We’ve seen just about everything, and we’re well versed in applications for federal grants, grant proposal boilerplates (and attachments) based on states’ Common Grant Application format, national foundation grants and more. We can also generate a well-researched list of best-fit potential funders for your organization and offer various grantwriting packages and trainings. Check out our Grantwriting page for all the details.

Social Enterprise

One great way for nonprofits to diversify their funding sources and become less reliant on donations and grants is to add a social enterprise component. That is, they can sell products or services—aligned with their mission—to earn income. JVA’s experts can help you find your niche in the market and ensure your business model is sound. And we can help answer questions and settle qualms you might have about squaring your earned-income strategy with your mission.

By the way, JVA can also help for-profit businesses add a social enterprise component to their existing ventures, or help entrepreneurs turn their social enterprise visions into reality! Check out our Social Enterprise page for more info on our consultations and trainings, and feel free to contact us for more information.