Today’s deals for your stronger tomorrow

Just like you, we’re brainstorming, pivoting, shifting and all sorts of other “ing”-ing into action to be the most helpful to our clients and communities at this time. One of the things we can offer is an incredible legacy of supporting nonprofits through grantwriting, funding research and other resource development activities. We believe that this is one of the most essential parts of creating a sustainable future for your organization—and we believe that doing so with lenses of equity and innovation is key to even greater success. We also know being a good steward of your resources matters, and so we wanted to offer a way to double down on your success, at a lower cost.

Introducing our Sustainability Bundles!

We heard from you about what resources you need most right now—unsurprisingly, you told us your priorities were related to increasing funding and financial stability. So, we identified the top products and services that will be helpful to building a stronger foundation for your organization at this point in time—and into the future. In light of the uncertainty right now, we are also offering a discount to help you gain more and spend less.

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Eligible Products

Create your own bundle with any of the products below! Remember to use your product code at checkout:

Buy 2 products, get 10% off // Promo code: TWO10

Buy 3 products, get 15% off // Promo code: THREE15

Buy 4 products, get 25% off // Promo code: FOUR25

One-on-one consulting. Sometimes you just need an outside eye to provide a little perspective and a fresh look at what you’re doing. Our team members are great problem solvers and creative thinkers, so if you’re thinking things like “How do we …?” or “What now … ?,” let our team help brainstorm the best-fit answer for you. We’ll likely pass along some extra tips, tools and resources to help, too!

Grantwriting. Arguably one of the most important aspects of your organization right now is bringing in more funding. Fortunately, JVA has helped our clients receive over $1B in grants over the last three decades, so our track record of success is solid. Put it to work for you by offering our expert advice for perking up prior proposals or starting fresh.

Funding research and fundraising. We’re constantly looking at funding opportunities, seeing who is funding what, how focuses are shifting and how to best position a winning proposal. With our funding research and development products, you not only receive the basic information but also customized steps and pointers for how to use that information to your advantage (and best outcomes!).

Communications and graphic design. While it’s often an afterthought under normal circumstances, we advocate that communications materials can be some of the most important pieces in your repertoire. Having up-to-date marketing materials is super helpful when it comes to sharing your good work—and thus reasons to donate and invest in your organization.