Evaluation Intensive

Do you want to know how to better measure, analyze and communicate the impact of your programs? Are funders asking you to demonstrate the impact of your organization?

This is your first step in becoming the evaluation expert at your organization. JVA’s evaluation team makes learning evaluation fun, simple and frustration-free! In this two-day training, you will start by learning basic terminology and concepts used in evaluation, and how to design and use logic models and evaluation plans. Then you’ll begin to tackle evaluation methods, data collection and analysis, and discuss the role of monitoring and evaluation. You will leave with a framework for a comprehensive logic model and evaluation plan for your organization. And you’ll know how to implement, analyze and report the results of this plan to staff, funders and other key stakeholders.

You will:

  • Learn basic terminology and concepts used in evaluation
  • Grasp the growing importance of program evaluation in the nonprofit sector
  • Receive a logic model template and learn how to design and use your own logic models and evaluation plans
  • Understand and be able to effectively use different evaluation methods and data collection tools
  • Learn the basics of analyzing data and reporting findings
  • Ensure that your organization is ready to effectively measure and report the results of its programs

Learn knowledge and tools needed to implement program evaluation and create a “culture of evaluation”.

Meet the Trainer

Aaron Schonhoff
Aaron SchonhoffSenior Research and Evaluation Associate

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