Customized Training: Creating a Culture of Evaluation

Whether you’re a brand new organization or one that has been serving your community for decades, creating a culture of evaluation is not only important, it’s essential.

From understanding how you’re addressing the needs of your population(s) served to sharing your good work with funders and other supporters, having solid evaluation practices, understanding and buy-in is key to helping execute your mission and achieve your vision.

Creating a culture of evaluation throughout your team doesn’t have to be hard. That’s where we come in.

Joining Vision and Action recognized that while general information about evaluation practices is great, organization-specific application is sometimes better. That’s why we created our customized training, Creating a Culture of Evaluation.

What’s included:

  • Prep and planning. Your evaluation expert will:
    • Meet with you to confirm approach, affirm learning objectives, identify goals and brainstorm potential strategies
    • Review programming information and other relevant materials to inform the development of a customized agenda and facilitation approach
  • Facilitated session. JVA will:
    • Design an interactive session with fun and engaging activities that will accomplish your organization’s specific learning objectives
    • Develop and print customized handouts for participants to take home and use for future reference
    • Facilitate a three-hour session with any and all of your team members (board, staff, volunteers), covering the importance of evaluation and:
      • Key terms and approaches in evaluation
      • What is an evaluation plan
      • Goal and outcome setting
      • How to identify different types of information appropriate for data collection based on evaluation questions and identified outcomes
      • The role of cultural sensitivity in evaluation activities
      • Potential barriers with evaluation activities and how to address them

Your results:

  • Increased engagement in, appreciation for, and understanding of evaluation activities
  • Increased knowledge among session participants about evaluation planning and key concepts

The bottom line:

Our Creating a Culture of Evaluation customized training is a valuable step to developing a shared language with which to seamlessly and effectively create a strong foundation for mapping common and unique goals, outcomes and indicators.

Pricing starts at $1,250 for organizations located within the metro Denver area. If that’s you, just click below to purchase.

For groups outside of this area, we’re happy to travel to you! Please contact us or call for a quote—(303) 477-4896.