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Katalin Wishart

Katalin Wishart, JD

Senior Grantwriter

In her first year as a grantwriter, Katalin Wishart secured approximately $1.3 million in funding from cities, counties, the State of Colorado and foundations. Prior to joining the nonprofit sector as a grantwriter, Katalin practiced law with a focus on estate planning and elder law. Not only did she enjoy helping clients with complex legal issues, she also loved talking to them and learning about their joys and struggles. From working for a daily newspaper through practicing law and grantwriting, the thread that ties her career together is her passion for research, writing and connecting with people.

JVA Experience

Having joined the team in November 2017, Katalin is just beginning her JVA journey; however, she is already putting her talents to good use. As a senior grantwriter, Katalin connects with her clients to gain a thorough understanding about how they operate and the needs of the communities they serve. She is committed to helping Colorado nonprofits secure funding so they can continue to provide vital services that enhance our community. Stay tuned for more information about her forthcoming grant wins!

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Katalin earned her Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, MN, and her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Community Involvement

Katalin currently serves as secretary for the Golden Schools Foundation board of directors and holds a position on the City of Golden Public Art Commission. Previously, Katalin held positions as president, treasurer and legislative representative for the Shelton Elementary PTSA board of directors. She has volunteered her legal services through Metro Volunteer Lawyers in Denver and Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services. Other volunteer activities include helping with the Memories in the Making and Tel-A-Sure programs at Seniors’ Resource Center in Wheat Ridge and drafting memos for the North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Fun Fact

Although she never thought she would, Katalin had an incredible time camping in a tent (!) in several national parks last summer with her adventurous kiddos.

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