Board Leadership and Development Products and Services

Bringing together a group of people with varying backgrounds, interests, agendas and levels of commitment is no easy task. When it works, the energy is infectious, projects are propelled forward, and the community benefits from the dedication and momentum.

So how do you make sure your board is a well-oiled, results-producing machine? With thoughtful planning and management.

We can help you get there through a variety of Board Development and Nonprofit Governance products and services:

Board Development Retreat Facilitation

Feeling like your board could use a makeover? Or maybe your board has become stagnant and needs a little kick in the pants.

We can help you reinvest and reinvigorate your board members through our Board Development Retreat Facilitation.


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Board Recruitment and Development Plan

Creating an effective and engaged board involves selecting the right mix of people to commit to the vision and the work. Our skilled staff will work with you to identify your board’s needs and next steps, resulting in a relevant and actionable Board Recruitment and Development Plan.


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Change Management Plan

Change is hard… if you let it be. We know it is inevitable that change will come at some point in time – and you have two options: resist or assist. We don’t have to tell you which one works out better.

With thoughtful planning, you can transform change into amazing opportunity to launch your group forward. We can help you lean in to the uncertainty and find your way through “less worn for the wear.” Through our Change Management Plan process, we will help you:

  • Identify people and program areas that will be affected
  • Design an internal and external response plan
  • Provide specialized support for clients, staff and board members
  • Merge from “have to” to “get to”


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Engage Your Board in Fundraising

Trying to get your board to fundraise for your nonprofit organization?

If we had $1 for every nonprofit board member and executive director who wants to get the rest of the board more involved in fundraising, our entire JVA team would be working from a villa in Tuscany—or maybe a nice house in Steamboat Springs.

The problem with the way most people approach board fundraising is that they demand that all board members do the same thing, e.g., sell two tables to an event. Or they use outdated ideas like “Give or Get” policies.

Based on the latest research in fundraising and in engagement, we have created a product that engages all of your board members in fundraising.

Janine and her team led our board members and some senior staff through a terrific two-hour retreat focused on successful board fundraising. Our board members have traditionally not had to engage in fundraising for the organization so no systems were really in place to enable them to play this important role. Janine had just the right level of energy, enthusiasm and expertise to guide us through a process that helped us all develop our own language to connect new people to our organization. It culminated with a session in which everyone made personal commitments to take concrete steps that play to individual strengths and that will get us on the road to greater funding diversity. A huge thank you to Janine and her team for one of the most useful trainings I’ve participated in!

Paula Schriefer, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

Engage Your Board

Through our Engage Your Board in Fundraising serviceyour board members choose their own fundraising adventuresthat leverage their strengths.

This service includes:

  • Meeting with executive and board leadership to assess areas of board fundraising strengths and challenges
  • Creating a customized fundraising menu that furthers your nonprofit’s fundraising goals
  • Facilitating a fun and interactive two-hour session with your board that:
    • Reconnects members with the mission and reminds them why your work matters
    • Introduces them to the latest research about fundraising and what motivates donors
    • Helps board members map potential donors to the organization
    • Teaches board members an easy and comfortable way to talk about your nonprofit from their personal experience
    • Allows board members to select from a menu of options

The result? Board members make personal commitments of what they will do in the next year to help your nonprofit acquire, retain and thank donors.


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Onsite Project Management Training

The intricacies of managing a project or program can be exhausting and time-consuming, at times leaving little room or energy for anything else.

Through our on-site project management training, you and your staff will learn to develop and implement valuable, customizable and replicable tools and processes for ensuring that you’re getting what you need done, when you need it done, with some time to spare.


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Onsite Supervisor Training

Creating a productive and healthy work environment doesn’t happen by chance. It also doesn’t look the same for every organization. Recognizing this, we have created tools, processes and techniques that are customizable for your specific wants and needs.

Even better, we develop these tools with you and share the implementation strategy on-site. Your supervisors and staff will work directly with one of our team members to identify what is needed, what will work and how to move it forward.


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