Case for Support

How many organizations perform work in your field? And how many other nonprofits can you name? Now, why should I donate to you, again?

A case for support (or case statement) tells potential donors why your organization deserves to be a recipient of their limited dollars. With so many groups vying for funds, you need something visually and rhetorically compelling—something that sets you apart. Fortunately, that’s just what a JVA case for support delivers.

Our process

With your help, JVA first pinpoints your unique value proposition—what you offer that others can’t. We bolster this with both statistics and narrative snapshots of the individuals and/or communities impacted by your work. Then, our communications team combines these elements with photos, infographics and a creative concept to design a case statement that reflects the true uniqueness of your organization.

When we tell donors about your mission, vision, history and current project, we appeal to the head and the heart—a winning combination.

Related services

Need to decide whether the timing is right before you jump into a funding campaign and begin making your case for that renovation or innovative program? JVA can design, conduct and analyze a survey to gauge whether your current donors are likely to be on board. We can also interview potential donors by phone or in person, or conduct focus groups to get answers. Or we can employ a mixed-methods approach that combines several of these options.

Not sure what fits your needs? Contact us, and we’ll talk you through the options and make a plan suited just for you!