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What is an evaluation plan?

An evaluation plan is a starting point for providing the roadmap on how to evaluate the effectiveness of any given program, project or the larger organization. JVA’s evaluation plans provide you with a strategy to measure identified outcomes and communicate your effectiveness to funders, community stakeholders, clients and your own peace of mind.

We believe in collaborative processes, often engaging diverse groups in the development of your evaluation plan (e.g., program staff, volunteers, community representatives). What does the process look like?

  • Kickoff meeting and project management: First we’ll meet with you to talk through the details of the program, project or organization. We’ll confirm timeline, roles and responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Background review: JVA will request relevant documents and information to help us with our process. We’ll review any data you’ve collected up to this point and get a sense of where the gaps are.
  • Facilitated session: JVA will convene your staff, board and other stakeholders for a two-hour evaluation planning session to develop consensus on a shared vision, affiliated goals and desired outcomes for their work; ultimately setting the stage for infusing a culture of evaluation.
  • Development of plan: Using the vision, goals and outcomes identified during the facilitated session as the guide, JVA will develop an evaluation plan designed to map and measure the outcomes important for your work.
  • Development of tool: JVA will develop one new data collection instrument deemed necessary to capture the outcomes included in the evaluation plan. This tool could be a survey, assessment or other tool that fits your needs and capacity and helps you meet your goals.

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