Social Enterprise

Are you a nonprofit leader seeking ways to diversify your organization’s revenue and considering an earned-income project? Are you a social entrepreneur thirsting to start a new venture? Maybe you’re a business leader who dreams of having a social impact.

JVA has helped dozens of organizations plan and create earned-income ventures through one-on-one consulting and our Social Enterprise Basecamp training.

Wherever you’re coming from, JVA can help you get your social enterprise venture off the ground. We’ve done more than study how it’s done—our staff includes experts who have created and managed their own successful social enterprise businesses. So we know how to meld astute business practices with evidence-informed practices from the social sector. We can help you find your niche in the market and ensure your business model is sound. And we can provide professional, evidence-based financial projections and market research.


It’s usually a solid practice for nonprofits to diversify their funding sources so they’re not exclusively reliant on grants and donors. But amid the current atmosphere of uncertainty at the federal level, having a variety of revenue streams is essential. Besides, we know you’ve become a whiz at blending and braiding, but wouldn’t it be nice to have more unrestricted funds?

From a nonprofit standpoint, the idea of charging for a product or service might be strange to you. It might even sound like a challenge to your mission. But it doesn’t have to be. With appropriate planning and guidance, your earned income might not only support your mission by stabilizing your nonprofit, it could also enhance outcomes throughout your community.

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Changemaker Testimonial – Damon McLeese, Access Gallery

Damon McLeese

“When we started entering into social enterprise, we realized we were already doing it but needed to figure out the best way to go about it. When we started breaking into the field of producing corporate art, JVA helped us formalize our business pricing, sizing, etc. That was really helpful to work through with JVA.”

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Social entrepreneurs create ventures that further societal goals. And enterprising social innovators are often guided by foundations eager to help achieve social change.

Foundations do amazing work, funding some of the most necessary projects propelling social change. But funding is often impermanent. Does your organization find itself grappling with tough questions such as: What happens when your grantees are nearing the end of a funding cycle? What does true sustainability mean for your grantees?

Social enterprise is a crucial part of any funding organization’s programming. It can help grantees:

  • Develop multiple income streams
  • Achieve greater stability
  • Realize longer-term impact

By supporting social enterprise, your organization is encouraging sustainable income and reducing your grantees’ reliance on foundation support.

Joining Vision and Action has worked closely with foundations and nonprofits alike on dozens of successful social enterprise projects. Our team knows how to meet funder expectations while supporting nonprofit development.

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Enterprises and businesses

Social enterprise entrepreneurs and businesses share a common desire: to achieve a measurable social impact and profitability in the marketplace.

If you want to build a social business but don’t know where to start, or you want to instill a social purpose into your existing business, JVA can help.

JVA’s expert social enterprise practitioners have decades of experience working with social enterprise entrepreneurs to set up successful social businesses. Our diverse and multigenerational team can help you explore potential business models, legal structures, financing options and more to turn your dream into a solid social venture with high impact. Our services for social enterprise entrepreneurs can help you:

  • Understand what being a social enterprise entrepreneur means
  • Grasp the ins and outs of social enterprises
  • Figure out whether to register as an LLC, Benefit Corp, L3C or something else
  • Determine how to fund your social businesses

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