Crafting a Killer Budget

Need a Better Budget?

Do you start or end your fiscal year with looks of disbelief, confusion or just a blank stare? Maybe you see some numbers or line items and think, “What was that again?” Or maybe things are humming along fairly smoothly and you know there are great things on the horizon that, with a little more intentional budgeting, you could accomplish?

If you’re having any inkling of “yep, that’s me” or your brain is whirring on other issues you’ve experienced while establishing or executing your organization’s budget, this training is for you!

Our Training

The Craft a Killer Budget workshop guides executive directors and other staff through what it takes to create a compelling yet accurate budget for fundraising and annual spending. Designed for those who know where they want the organization to go but aren’t exactly sure of the best way to create a budget to get them there.

You don’t need to be a numbers person to attend, but it’s OK if you are! We will also discuss how tracking and managing spending relative to budget is an essential ingredient to achieving high-performance results.

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