Grant Proposal Boilerplate Development

Are your grant proposals getting the results you want?

If the answer is no, our grant proposal boilerplate may be the solution. Let JVA create a boilerplate grant proposal in the format most frequently used in your state, along with attachments, that your team can use and customize for different foundation and corporate funders.

Because JVA was on the team that created the most recent Colorado Common Grant Application (CGA), we have a crystal clear understanding of the CGA and know how to tailor your organization’s proposal to it. And since other states’ common grant applications typically include the same core components, our CGA expertise translates well across state lines and across other funding opportunities—especially combined with our 33-year history of overall grantwriting experience.

Our grant proposal boilerplate includes:

  • A compelling cover letter that strongly differentiates your organization from others engaged in similar work and clearly articulates why funding you is a good investment for the funder
  • A template grant proposal narrative in the format most frequently used by funders in your state,¹ with up-to-date statistics documenting the need for your work, research citations supporting your approach and an evaluation plan section reviewed by one of our evaluation experts.
  • A set of reviewed and formatted attachments that support the proposal narrative
  • Professional edits of all proposal documents by our in-house copyeditor, and copies of all documents in two formats: one in Microsoft Word that you can use for email and print submissions, and one for submission in online formats
¹Applicable in states that have a common grant application

Related services

After you’ve got your boilerplate grant proposal, JVA can help you decide who to tailor your requests to, as well. Our tailored funding research can point you to the best-fit funders for your organization or project. We’ll also provide a 12-month funding calendar, organized by due dates, so you have a detailed plan for grant submission.