What is a Grantwriter, Only Better?

Most organizations cannot afford to keep a full-time grantwriter on staff. And even if they do, it’s unlikely a single individual will possess the depth and array of skills that JVA’s team offers. Our Grantwriter, Only Better package streamlines the grantwriting process for clients. That increases their capacity to focus on their programming and mission.

Grantwriter, Only Better is a long-term engagement with JVA for comprehensive grant-related services. It encompasses funding research, deciphering RFPs, proposal writing, copyediting, reviewing evaluation plans and more. Our process is based on more than 30 years of federal and foundation grantwriting success at all levels. It is among the most effective in the sector. The Grantwriter, Only Better package provides the following benefits:

New funding sources. JVA will conduct funding research to identify new opportunities to meet your desired funding goals. We’ll help you ensure sustainability, support any needed growth and improve impact.

Someone else to focus on the details. In addition to overall project management of the grantwriting process, our efforts will include proposal writing, related literature reviews and other research, and budget assistance. JVA has staff with experience on both sides of the table—grantseeking and grantmaking. We know that funders can’t read our minds. Our job is to help them see what our clients see, and understand what these important organizations live and breathe every day. That is our foremost job—and joy—as grantwriters. Our methods result in strong, compelling proposals that are competitive in an increasingly tight funding environment.

Access to an entire team working for you. JVA will provide one lead liaison to your organization. This person will work with our team of diverse experts to provide you with the broadest expertise for your needs. With researchers, writers, specialized content experts and editors, we have the largest team of its kind in the Intermountain West—all available as your confidants for general, specific and strategic advice. With us, you will benefit from a cross-disciplinary team with success in grantwriting across all sectors and an “outsider perspective” to help strengthen your proposals.

Greater value. Working with our team will be less expensive than hiring another in-house grantwriter. It will also free up precious time for your leadership to focus on other areas of management, fundraising and impact.

Success. Our grantwriting customers consider us a significant partner in their success, yielding a significant return on their investment. Since its inception, JVA has helped its grantwriting clients raise over $1 billion, exceeding $44 million in the past two years alone. In addition to our success in numbers, we have developed strong relationships with many organizations that we’ve been lucky enough to call partners.

Contact us and let’s start talking about what our team can do for you!