We’ve all been there.

You’ve worked so hard to write the perfect boilerplate grant, spending hours working and reworking the content to make sure it’s just right. You’ve stared so long and hard at the document that your eyes have started to cross. What do you do when you’ve reached your limit but you’re not sure you have the perfect boilerplate proposal yet?

Call on JVA.

With our CGA boilerplate review product, you can rest assured that an expert’s eyes are on it! Because JVA’s very own Janine Vanderburg and Lisa Cirincione were on the team that created the most recent Colorado Common Grant Application (CGA), and have shared their insights with our grants team—JVA has a crystal clear understanding of the CGA and know how to tailor your organization’s proposal to it. And since other states’ common grant applications typically include the same core components, our CGA expertise translates well across state lines—especially combined with our 31-year history of overall grantwriting experience.

Our CGA boilerplate review includes:

  • A complete review of the proposal narrative and attachments for content and clarity
  • Feedback on your document using “track changes” and comments in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Please note, JVA will not be “rewriting” sections of the boilerplate.
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Related services

After you have your final boilerplate grant proposal, JVA can help you decide who to tailor your requests to, as well. Our customized funding research can point you to the best-fit funders for your organization or project. We’ll also provide a 12-month funding calendar, organized by due dates, so you have a detailed plan for grant submission. If you purchase this CGA grant review, we’ll automatically send you a discount code for 10% off funding research services!

JVA also provides annual grantwriting services through our Grantwriter, Only Better product.