Fund Development Planning

It’s not unusual for an organization to have a great vision but only a vague idea of how to fund it. Perhaps your board has ideas on how it might raise funds but no clear picture of which are viable or how they might fit together. You need fund development planning.

JVA’s fund development planning will equip you with a road map for securing the funds your organization needs to sustain and grow its operations in alignment with its mission and identified priorities.

Our method typically encompasses the following phases:

Analysis and inventory of current reality

The fund development planning process begins with an analysis of an organization’s current financial situation, its current revenue streams, and the sustainability and diversity of the organization’s current revenue sources (both earned income and contributed income). This phase can also include high-level funding models research into similar organizations to identify effective fundraising practices or strategies.

Key stakeholder retreat

Next, JVA typically facilitates a planning session with your organization’s board, staff and key stakeholders to strategize future opportunities for revenue.

This step includes identifying relationships that might be leveraged to generate new and expanded sources of income. Facilitated by our experts in fundraising, earned-income development and social enterprise, this session involves strategizing how to maximize both earned and contributed income. JVA has specific strategies for connecting with your entire group and helping all participants feel comfortable engaging.

The discussion may include exploring strategies for major donor development, hiring staff, impact investment and more. Additionally, the process will involve looking at competitors (i.e., similar organizations or businesses) and the organization’s competitive advantage, as well as the potential effects of market trends. Involvement of key stakeholders in this phase of the process is vital to identify and leverage all available resources and to ensure buy-in and accountability around agreed-upon fundraising strategies, roles and responsibilities.

Strategy report

The final phase of the fund development planning process is a tailored strategy report. This includes a summary of the directions and strategies agreed upon during the retreat; the start of a 12-month action plan outlining specific outcomes, actions and responsible parties; recommendations for infrastructure, system and staffing supports required to implement the plan; and resources and templates to assist in implementation. This plan can be updated as the organization grows and identifies additional strategies.

Sound like a plan? Connect with us, and we’ll get started!