Tech Tools and Tips for Working Remotely

By the Joining Vision and Action Team JVA is very comfortable with the use of technology for communication, and we frequently communicate within our team and with clients and their stakeholders via technology. Most of our staff also works from home some or most of the time. Wondering why we're talking about this? Read our [...]

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How Can Nonprofits Prepare for COVID-19?

Three Ways to be Proactive By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action As much as we all might hope the new coronavirus will somehow just go away—or entirely spare us and our friends, our families, and the organizations we have poured countless hours and love into creating and maintaining—we cannot assume [...]

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When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

By Nora Welch, Director of Strategic Planning and Communications at Joining Vision and Action It’s not “cool” to admit when things don’t go according to plan, right? Or maybe it is … I’m betting many of you have heard of Brené Brown, or seen at least one hashtag somewhere denoting “#vulnerability” or “#courageovercomfort.” So, I’d [...]

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Is Language Important? It is to JVA (Part 2)

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash How to Find Answers Outside Your DEI Comfort Zone By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action In my last blog, I talked about some trends in the language used by news media on topics such as race and ethnicity. This time, I’ll talk about [...]

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Is Language Important? It is to JVA (Part 1)

What Nonprofits Can Learn from the News Media By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and Action The Seattle Times made news in journalism circles recently by changing its style to capitalize the word “Black,” as an adjective, when referring to a “culture, ethnicity or group of people.” The Times explained that “increasingly [...]

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Reintroducing Erin Shaver, JVA’s New Director of Grants

Joining Vision and Action Director of Grants Erin Shaver with her children at Portage Glacier, near Whittier, Alaska, around 2011. She and her family spent time living in Anchorage and Girdwood, Alaska. We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Erin Shaver to the role of JVA’s director of grants! Erin has been with JVA [...]

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Creating a Warm, Supportive Community in an MSU Denver Classroom

Above, Metropolitan State University of Denver Professor (and JVA Senior Trainer and Facilitator) Sandra Harris Howard stands with students in her introduction to high impact nonprofit management class earlier this month. By Sandra Harris Howard, Senior Trainer and Facilitator at Joining Vision and Action For the past two years, I have been teaching Nonprofit Studies [...]

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For JVA Team, Evaluation is a Way of Life

Above, JVA's Silvia Solis presents on "Incorporating the Latina voice in practice and in design: the use of cultural and language nuances to increase the effectiveness of communication efforts" at the American Evaluation Conference in Minneapolis in November. Conference Participation Sparks Professional and Personal Growth By Sandy Wiegand, Copyeditor and Writer at Joining Vision and [...]

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Changemaker Profile: Christine Alford

Welcome to our Changemaker Profiles blog series! Each edition we profile one outstanding social changemaker from the JVA client community. By sharing the stories of some of the incredible people we get to work with every day, each accomplishing extraordinary work in nonprofits, government, social enterprise and elsewhere, we hope we will bring a little [...]

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How Westminster Schools Tailor Learning to the Student

Seniors promote WPS’ Dream Plan Do program, which helps students plan and prepare for life after high school graduation, at the Westminster High School Homecoming game. All in a Day’s Work: American Education Week November 18–22, 2019, is American Education Week. The occasion is observed annually during the week prior to Thanksgiving week to inform [...]

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